Ry Jessup


WHERE: Mercati Generali

Ry Jessup is a little-known fairly average cook based in London.

Known by his friends as anti-dextrous and to the fans as “who the shit is this random name beside all these highly talented chefs I follow on the internet”.

Surprisingly to all Ry started pizza brand Homeslice back in 2011, He continued to run and grow it until becoming creatively crushed  by is expansion and taking his leave from the business in 2019.

In 2021 Ry teamed up with the culinary exceptional but emotionally volatile lads behind Four legs to open their joint venture The Plimsoll.

With a face for radio, Ry mainly looks after the operational aspects of the pub however it wouldn’t be uncommon to find him pouring pints, frying a fish or even on the grill, on the day your guess would be as good as his as to where he might find himself working