WHEN: Sunday 3 Sept

WHERE: Murgo Winery Garden

ew relase by Salvo Bruno Dub, the musician and producer from Catania. He presents his first solo album, a sexy and pensive night travel, between smooth bass and space disco trips. An upcoming project featuring with the voice of Derane Obeka, member of the Living Sounds, from London. The project is accompanied by drums, bass, percussion and brass guitars, with synths and drum machines contaminations.

Salvo Bruno Dub

Born in Catania and raised on the slopes of Mount Etna in Nicolosi. From an early age he studied the piano, subsequently switching to bass and double bass. In the mid-1990s, he discovered a passion for music played with synthesisers, samplers and drum machines, which led him to countless experiences and activities in the field of electronic music. In 2000 he began a course in hard disk recording organised by the Youth Policies and the University of Catania, which led him to reside permanently in Catania where he opened his studio and stabilised his career as a beat maker and composer, starting and consolidating important collaborations. His first release was on vinyl for Schema Record with the project Koom-H – he worked as Music Producer for Persistence Beat (Berlin), Piranha Record (Berlin) and on the song “Beat It2 by Double Beat (Milan), as well as many remixes made including “The Experiment In Ambient Soul” by The Dining Room, a record that contains remixes by ParovStelar and Boozoo Bajou, to name but a few.


Derane’s voice is capable of sounding serious and engaging, but also casual and fun – as he is also a successful musician, contracted to sing mainly in Europe, his voice has become unique and has been used for television commercials and characters in children’s programmes – Working with directors in all these areas has given him a unique sound. Derane is also an actor, which gives him the ability to introduce the right emotion for the character or commercial role he is cast in – his voice is truly one of a kind. For some years he was part of a scene he created called Living Sounds, which now takes place in Whetstone where musicians gather to present their new works. Derane wrote all the lyrics for the album and was a great collaborator with Salvo in finding the right melodic lines. ……I love to sing my true stories and its always being told with every place I perform and every person I meet. This gives me more to sing and share and I am very thankful this.