Zodyaco is the band project of the Neapolitan producer, DJ, and EarlySounds Recordings head Pellegrino, poised to be a pioneer of a distinctive Mediterranean sound. The project was inspired “by the stars and their reflections on the sea”, with Latin rhythms, jazz and funk moods, and melodies from the tradition that with dance attitude, Pellegrino&Zodyaco […]

Shy One 

Shy One lives and breathes the eclecticism and diversity of her DJ sets and productions.Since her initial releases with Scratcha, Shy One has continued to grow as an artist and diversify further into a somewhat undefinable sound that’s origins are undoubtedly London but takes in a huge variety of musical cultures, from hip-hop and jazz […]

Rosa Brunello

Rosa Brunello is an Italian bass player and composer who loves o blend acoustic and electronic sounds. Her skills range from free radical improvisations to electric rock, dub, and modern mainstream. She is a curious traveler, who is persistently drawn to stray from the beaten path. Rosa Brunello will play on Friday 1st September at […]

Piermaria Trischitta

Chef Piermaria Trischitta, originally from Catania, took over the reins of Røst establishing himself with a gastronomic proposal that had already made itself known for its simple and authentic cuisine. His dishes are full of experience breathed between Hamburg and Copenhagen but retain that attention to raw materials and to those who produce them that […]

Ed Wilson

Ed has been visiting Sicily regularly for the past 15 years to see the network of winemakers he works with at his restaurants in London:  Brawn, an established neighborhood restaurant in east London, and Sargasso, a seafood spot on the north Kent coast in Margate. The opportunity of creating the Ricci Weekender alongside Gilles & […]

Paula Tape

The Chilean DJ and producer Paula Tape is best known for her intricate knowledge of Balearic sounds. Her sounds cross the bridge between underground floor-fillers and indefinable synth house sounds. The percussive sounds of the drums are a distinct sound that she’s brought into her own productions, and remixes and are a key feature of […]